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Date : 2020.12.21


This is for all the new and eager individuals who want to start forex trading and become successful in this industry. Before you do anything, please remember that Forex trading is not a money machine that gives you cash from the get go and this is not a job. Forex trading is a unique skill that you have to master if you want to profit from the market.

Here are some great advises for you all to survive first 90 days in Forex market without losing your capital investment.

  1. Do not use real money for Forex trading until you have proper experience about the platform.
    Use a demo account to practice and get an idea about the market. Make sure that you use the same amount of capital that you intend to invest in demo account also. (If you’re planning to invest $500 to Forex market, start tour demo account with $500 capital)
  2. Never take loans to use as your capital in Forex Trading.
    This is very important precaution because when you take debt to invest in high-risk investments, it’s very hard to create the necessary mindset needed because of the added pressure in your head. You always have to think about your journey in Forex trading. Not about paying debt.
  3. Do proper research and select the best Forex Broker.
    Always select a reputable, trustworthy broker with good customer service and accessibility to your country. And do a research about spreads and commissions of different brokers also. Because a good broker will give you less trouble in your long-term forex trading journey.
  4. Have an idea about money and time management in forex.
    If you are a new comer to Forex trading, You must dedicate maximum amount of hours in the beginning to grasp the basics and practice by taking Trades in the market and have a practical knowledge to develop your own strategy. You must allocate 3,4 hours per day at least as a minimum requirement for success.
  5. Do not invest money you kept for your expenses in Forex Market.
    This is a typical rookie mistake done by most of the people. Never use money you need for food, clothing bills and rent to invest I Forex Trading. This is the riskiest investment method for a beginner and if you lose money in the market, you will not have any money to fulfill your basic needs. Always use money saved up or in excess then it will not affect your mindset badly.

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Date : 2020.12.08


There is a very thin margin of difference between a real forex trader and a gambler who enters the forex market. Today’s Vorhut Traders blog article is about how to spot the difference between a gambler and a forex trader.

Remember that just because you’re buying or selling in the forex market, you are not a forex trader. If you believe that luck will help you to profit in the forex market, you have a gambler’s mindset. Let’s see how a gambler will behave in the forex market.

  1. Placing a buy order and market moves to sell direction. Then closing the buy trade and putting a sell trade.
  2. Taking a but order and a sell order at the same time and wondering what order to close and what order to keep.
  3. Placing trades with bigger lot sizes when losing consequently.
  4. Not maintaining 1000% margin.
  5. Trying to cover the losses from the same chart.

If you’re doing any of the above activities in the forex trading, it’s a telltale sign that you’re becoming a gambler in the forex market. This is a clear signal that you should immediately change your trade practices to stop losing.
So how you can get off from this mindset and start to develop a mindset of a real forex trader to become successful?
Here are some good habits that you can develop to change from a gambler to a successful forex trader. If you’re a beginner in the forex market, I suggest that you follow these activities as basic rules to create a strong trading psychology and manage your risks properly.

  1. Setting a stop loss and a take profit for every trade that you take in the forex market.
  2. Keeping take profit after calculating the risk to reward ratio.
  3. Not stopping the trade unless there is a special reason let the trade hit stop loss or take profit.
  4. Not moving the stop loss to the negative side when taking a buy/sell order.
  5. Keeping a target number of trades per day and a maximum loss amount per day and trade with a proper unique strategy that includes risk management.
If you want to learn more about forex trading and become a successful forex trader, it is very important that you learn from a professional and practice these good habits to become a profitable. Vorhut Traders is the best option for you to start your forex career and become the best in the business.

Date : 2020.11.16

Business Management in Forex Trading.

Business's must have a proper management otherwise it will become a failure. This statement is also true for the Forex trading. There are things that should be done and should not be done when you are trading in foreign exchange market.

Things that you should not do

  1. Don't try to make money fast.
  2. Don't trade with gambling mentality.
  3. Don't trade without a Strategy.
  4. Don't run after signals.
  5. Don't look for short roads.

Things that you should do

  1. Learn with patience and play the game
Don't try to make quick money

Don't think that you can invest $200 today and earn $1000 by tomorrow. Invest a little amount of money. Don't invest the money you’re keeping for food, clothing, health and emergency. Because that's the first reason to lose in Forex. Imagine we have a leftover money in our hands. 50 000 rupees as an example. If you put this in the bank you get like 8 % of the capital gain annually. (No reading about the interest rate in Sri Lanka) So even if it is, annual interest is like 4000 rupees, isn't it?? So then why would you invest $200 a month and make $1000 a month? Can't do that. Don't believe if there's someone who can do that.

Don’t trade with gambling mentality.
Trying to make $1000 with $200 investment within days is completely gambling. There are very few companies in the world that can achieve 500% profit. Even though there are people who do that all of them are not genuine and legal. So, let's take a slow journey and build experience and sustain for a long period of time.

Don't trade without a Strategy.

This is the most important part of this article. What is this strategy? There is a secret for anyone who runs any talented business. That's the efficient management and business strategy. This thing is not unique to forex. Investment, business, life and everything has to have a strategy to become successful. You’ve already heard that people say that they are a fundamental trader or a technical trader. Those people do not have a strategy. In order to create your own strategy, you must learn about technical, fundamental, risk management and build proper trading psychology. Once you master these areas you will enter and exit trades with your own way, now that is your trading strategy, You have to always test your strategy and improve your success rate. By doing this regularly, you can become a successful forex trader.

Don't follow Signals and don't look for short roads.

Don't go looking for short roads. Imagine if you feel like buying a signal channel and trading. You think it's the easiest and closest way to build your capital. By doing that you are cheating yourself. People are doing signal channels to cover the losses, or earn money to trade. Just learn and play the game. Then the work will be easy. The second thing is that no one’s signals are 100 % correct. Just think your account capital is $ 100. The person who you buy signals has an account capital of $ 10000.He gives 5 signals a day. 60 pips have been risked from one trade. Here you are going to make these three trades with a $ 100 account. Even if you trade using your lowest lot and move 50 pip towards Stop losses at once, you will definitely close all three of them. Why is 15 % of your capital lost by then. Build yourself a unique pattern with your capital, your investment skills and your patience qualities. That's the secret that makes you successful

Learn with patience

Be patient, take your time and build yourself slowly. If you're thinking you should invest $ 200, your Demo account should not be $ 10000. You should also practice with a $ 200 Demo account. That's why you should remember the fact that you should face the truth. What you do in the demo is what you go do in your real account. Always practice under the guidance of a real trader. Correct your mistakes and keep track of your progress. Don’t be greedy and enter to the market. Your discipline is the main point that drive you to success!

Date : 2020.11.24


Did you know that the word TRADER is actually an acronym? Today you’re going to learn about what the word TRADER stands for in Forex and Stock Market.

T is for TREND

This is all about reading and understanding about the market trends correctly. With your knowledge in technical, fundamental, and sentiment, you should study the main trend and understand it. Then with the help of the Indicators and risk on/off conditions You can check weather current trend is a UP TREND or a DOWN TREND. When we take trades in forex, we only take trends to the direction of the main trend! If main trend is a UP TREND, we BUY If main trend is a DOWN TREND, we SELL Remember this little phrase to avoid confusions. “TREND IS FRIEND UNTIL THE BEND END”


This means your knowledge about prices of the currency pairs that you take trades. Remember relative price change due to various reasons and you should be able to understand and have an idea about each currency pair and its behavior. Then you can understand chart patterns, candle patterns, double top and double bottom more easily and increase your success rate in forex trades.


Other than the most important basic knowledge, there are some tools that help you to do additional analyze about the main trend. Some of them are,

These will help to get more confirmation about the trend direction and give you an idea about whether your trade will be successful. So, it’s important that you know how to use these tools and get the maximum advantage from them.


With all the knowledge we discussed above and with your own trading strategy, you should have the ability to take a correct decision where you should enter and exit the market. What is a trading strategy? Strategy is a combination of following areas

Once you have the proper knowledge about areas and practice in the market, you will develop your own way of taking trades in the forex market. Now this is your TRADING STRATEGY. And you must have the discipline to take trades only when it’s confirmed by your strategy.

E is for EXAMINE

You cannot just enter to the market and just abandon everything when forex trading. You should always examine that what happens to the market during your trade takes place. And you must have the ability to manage,

in order to prevent huge losses and prevent your account from washing out. If topics 1,2,3 and 4 is about studying for a exam, topic 5 is all about writing the exam!

R is for REVIEW

Don’t worry about making mistakes when you take trades. You must review each and every trade and figure out what you did wrong and what you did right in the market. A successful trader always keeps a track of his trades and overall growth. Managing a trading journal and recording your trades is a best way to start reviewing your progress. If you want to learn more about trade journals and how to manage them, Vorhut Guidance Programme is the best place to learn and start recording your trades. You will have Guidance emails every week to improve your Journal and you can use the best forex review programme that no one offers to stay ahead of the game!

Date : 2020.11.15

What is FOREX? Insider Story.

We've all heard about stock exchange. You might have heard of entrepreneurs like Dhammika Perera, Chamath Palihewadana, Lal Keerthi. And you've heard of entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg as the world's renowned entrepreneurs. How do these entrepreneurs grow? What’s their secret? Well they grow themselves day by day because of INVESTING. There are so many investment methods that rich use to grow themselves. Among those investment methods, stock exchanges can be shown as one of the most successful investment methods in the world. Now I have a small question to ask.

"How can I go to America and invest in Sri Lanka? If not, how can I go to Japan and invest?"

Never thought about it right? Don’t worry, here’s your answer… If Sri Lanka's money is invested in another country, for example we need about 180 rupees in Sri Lanka to buy 1 USD. There's the market where money is exchanged, which decides the price of these two currencies which is called foreign currency exchange market. That's the answer to that question I asked above. This is the world's largest money market. Nearly $ 6 trillion per day is exchanged and it can be known as one of the riskiest businesses in the world. Have you heard a story that when the risk is high, the profit it gets should also high? That's the truth. And one more thing to say, the risk is 100% Now we must first learn how to manage risk. If the business management within the business is not done correctly, we will fail inside this.

1.Failing in the Forex market
There is a story that 95 % of the new people who come to this business will lose. Some might have already heard this. Yes, it is like that. Because without a proper strategy without discipline, the people who try to earn money with greed will soon lose here. And according to ′′90-day rule′′, 90 % of the new accounts will lose their entire money within 90 days. So, this is not an easy task. It's not a business opportunity that makes money easily. You have to master your skills in order to be successful in forex market.

2. Most of Sri Lankans fail in FOREX trading.
Reasons why most people fail in forex trading

  1. No correct guidance to learn the basics
  2. Thinking Forex trading as a quick way of making money.
  3. Getting into debt to make capital money to invest in forex.
  4. Not getting enough practical experience by trading in the market. No matter how much theory you learn, you must use them and practice.
  5. Not managing risk properly, poor trade psychology and not having a unique strategy of your own to enter and exit from the market.
In order to be successful, you must learn from a real forex trader who are active and has a higher success rate. If you are looking forward to learn from the best in the business, Vorhut guidance programme is the best opportunity for you to become a successful forex trader. Enroll and improve your life and achieve your goals.